Mel Fisher Maritime Museum In Florida Keys, Florida
  • 200 Greene Street Key West FL 33040
  • Open Tue-Sun at 10.00am, last tour is at 4pm, Closed Mon - Lab Tours: 11:30am and 2pm, Mon-Fri. Open weekends at 2pm. No holiday lab tours.
  • 305-294-2633

Mel Fisher Maritime Museum is the only fully accredited museum in the Florida Keys. That means we’re more than just an exciting adventure story. We’re also a nationally recognized research institution. Yes, we have amazing treasure in our 1622 Fleet exhibit of the Spanish galleons discovered by Mel Fisher and his crew, and we have so much more! Our thought provoking Slave Ship and Key West African Cemetery exhibits provide a stark look into the Transatlantic Slave Trade and Key West’s unique role in it. Learn about Spanish Coins in the New World, the Real Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Science of Shipwrecks. You can even take a lab tour and see how history is revealed! Make plans to visit. We’re celebrating 30 years of treasure!  Open daily.

For the dates and topics of our Free Lecture Series, click here!